Samba Spins Slots

A samba carnival at the palm of your hands. With color, music, and loads of fun this online slot by Saucify creates a world of excitement and plenty of action. Saucify grabs the atmosphere of Brazil where you could almost feel those deep congo roots right at your hips. Enjoy being the center of attention, all eyes on you, circled by a crowd of excited party-goers. The town soars with drums, whisteles, and crowded pleasure as you begin at the playtable. Before getting started become familiar with the games rules. There are 50 lines covered across 5 reels. Each reel will consist of a variety of symbols that correlate with the Sama including Brazilian dancers, cards, masks, fireworks, maraccas, drumks, whistles, and a themative take on the classic j through A poker cards. The tables itself offers an option to change lines, coins, and bet options. Keep in mind, every new line is will increase the bet amount by one. Once you are ready, let's shake those hips and spin that reel!

Bonuses and Features

As you play you will notice win variance based on what symbols are triggered. The more symbols you line up across a line, the higher the score will be. Some symbols can increase your score by multipliers which include the wild symbol and the scatter symbol. The wild symbol when landed on either reels 2 or 4 will expand across the reel collecting score based on how many lines it can connect. When this is triggered, sit back and enjoy the dance as the wild symbol gives you wins based on how many symbols it can subtitute for. When players land on a scatter symbol they are rewarded with a similar payout of regular symbols. The big difference is that they can pay out both left and right as well as activate free spins. When players land 3 or more wild firework symbols, they will trigger 10, 15, or 20 free spins correlating to the amount of fireworks are triggered. The bets and lines played are the same as the triggered feature.

Final Thoughts

Saucify is widley known as a developer that sticks to the simplicity of slots. With exciting graphics and themes you know when it's a saucify game, you will be all about multipliers, wilds, and scatter wins. More often than not you will find those talented dancers arrive on the two expected reels giving you huge wins. The cheering crowd and the lively music keeps the enjoyment up where before you know it you will be nodding your head and clapping yor hands to the beat. My biggest appreciation is how each landed trigger gives us a unique win sound. Drums beat, dancers cheer, whistles blow and so forth. So why not have a Brazilian party at the comfort of your fingertips!