Gems n Jewels Slots

If we asked you to name a handful of slots featuring gems, jewels, or both, we think you'd be able to come up with some. In this game, you're going to see both appearing on the reels.

Gems n Jewels is a sparkly game, just as you would expect it to be. Is it worth playing? Only time can tell, but you can get a good idea from our slot review whether you think it's for you.

Developer information

The game was created by Saucify, a company also known as Betonsoft.

Try the practice option first

If there is a demo available, why not try it? That's our motto. Play around with the coin values and see how the various features work.

Can you figure out the theme?

There's not much figuring out to do, is there? You know there are going to be some gems and jewels sparkling away on the reels. Some are worth more than others. You'll soon figure out which ones are worth the most of all.

A basic design is in store

There's not much to say about the backdrop to this game. You'll see a green screen with lots of circles in various shades of that same color. That's about it.

The reels are occupied by different gems and jewels, along with the basic letters and numbers many software developers use for their cheaper symbols.

The basics in the Gems n Jewels slot game

Five reels and three rows - you've seen that combo before. That's what you'll see here too. There are no progressives involved though. All available prizes are shown on the paytable.

Three important symbols are worth watching for as you play. Firstly, we have a wild. This is displayed as a diamond. It pays out on its own too - something we've seen in other Betonsoft/Saucify slots. Here, you get the chance to pick up as much as 6,000x your wager if five turn up on a paid line.

There are two scatters as well. The first is a ruby, glistening with promise. It is especially promising as you only need two of those to receive a prize. Of course, the more you find the bigger that prize is going to be.

Finally, the other scatter is an emerald. This is the best symbol of all. We'll tell you more about this later.

Plenty of paylines

Yes, the game has 50 of them - a generous amount.

Lots of betting options available

There are options here to cater to most purse or wallet sizes. You can play up to five coins per line. Those coins range from a cent each up to a quarter.

A nice clear paytable

This is good news - there's nothing too complicated about it. The special symbols are clearly shown, with the prize amounts featured next to each one.

You can then see the five highest-paying icons above the other lower-paying ones. You always know where you stand with this game.

No bonus here

There is no bonus round available in Gems n Jewels.

Find the emeralds to score the free spins

Those scattered emeralds are worth looking for. If you find three, four, or five of them in a single game, you are going to receive 10, 20, or 30 free games, respectively.

There is a generous multiplier in action here as well. The prizes won are tripled from the usual values you'd get in the main game. You can earn more freebies in th same manner while inside the feature too.

No sign of the return to player value

We couldn't find a definitive value anywhere for this game.

Can we give this slot game a good rating?

We think it warrants 7/10. It's nice to play, although it feels a little basic at times. A more detailed approach might have worked better. It's solid though, with free games the highlight.

Winners can look for that wild

This offers the best prize for finding five on the same line. It's best to wager on all the lines and keep your coin value small to make the game affordable. It's the only way to be sure you don't miss any potential prizes.

Will you try the demo?

This game might be popular among some players, but we suspect others will find little of interest here. There are plenty of Betonsoft casino games that are more complex than this.

So, try the demo and see which side of the fence you fall on.

Play Gems n Jewels for real

Work out a budget, choose your coins, play your lines, and hope for the best. It's an entertaining game if it suits your preferences.

Mobile access

The simplicity of the graphics works well on a smaller touchscreen. We'd still suggest the demo first though, just to be sure you know how the controls work in Gems n Jewels on an Android or iOS device.