Sirens Serenade Slots

Siren's Call

Welcome to a mystical, magical island, home of the beautiful Siren. Her call cannot be ignored, alluring and enticing at the same time, the Siren's Serenade is irresistible. As the legend goes, the magical Siren's Serenade leads sailors to their death or salvation. Hauntingly beautiful, yet potentially lethal, The Sirens are the main protagonists of this delicious slot. Full of intrigue and mystery, the Siren is Serenading 'you' now. Will you take her hand and let her lead you through the island of fantasy. With soothing and melodic lullabies and music, you will be put under the Siren's spell.

Siren's Ahoy

Siren's Serenade utilises a functional layout with 5 x 3 reels and 25 pay lines upon which to wager. Coin betting is conveniently varied, starting from as little as five coins per reel. It is theoretically possible to win the highest payout the game has to offer, which is a fantastic 52,125 coins. The probability of winning a top payout gets better as one wagers maximum amounts.

Serenade in the Moonlight

There is an excellent chance of winning a high payout by taking advantage of the bonuses on offer. The Double High Wild Symbol leads to winning opportunities. The Scatter symbol configures additional winning combinations that can add to your winnings. The Free Spins gift you free chances, that one cannot fail to admit are a welcome addition. You can win up to 18 Free Spins with a 2x Multiplier Scatter.

Siren Symbols

As one would expect, Siren's Serenade is replete with exciting icons and a colourful game background. The reels fit snugly into the game facade creating an undoubted casino feel to the game despite the heavy symbolism. Symbols include the lovely Siren, a ship's Sail, a Ship on the high seas, high card letters; J, Q, K, and A, amongst others.


With the release of Siren's Serenade, players have the chance to experience something fresh and innovative. The game's theme manages to create a fantasy island atmosphere together with hot casino action. The symbols fit into the theme correctly, and the bonuses and free spins contribute additional chances to win. The game delivers on all fronts and deserves your attention. That attention could lead to victory at the slots, and you will have come under the Siren's Spell. Listen to the beauty of the Siren's Serenade.