Jackpot Wheel Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

Jackpot Wheel Casino offers its members all kinds of shortcuts to financial support, promotions, and bonuses. Both newcomers and veteran players who have signed up on the site will be able to profit from payment option-related promotions, generous match bonuses, inspiring welcome offers, free spin prizes, ridiculously generous prize draws, tournaments with prizes that reach up to 5 digits, and even the opportunity to travel to Paris and take another person along for the trip. Many of these promotions do not require making a deposit, meaning that they are considered no deposit bonuses. The promotions can be used after bonus codes are redeemed. The site features a "Bonus Code" section on its main menu where the codes can be typed in.

Keeping in Mind Jackpot Wheel's Free Bonus Terms and Conditions

If players are to try out the free promotions of Jackpot Wheel, they need to pay attention to several rules connected with free bonuses. First of all, a free bonus can only be claimed once per a single account holder. If a player has never deposited on the site, he or she can only withdraw money to a bank account after an installment has been made. Two free bonuses can't be redeemed consecutively without at least making a 25-dollar deposit between the two. An exclusive Discretionary bonus is awarded to a specific player in some instances, and the maximum withdrawal amount for that promotion is 100 dollars. The same limit is attached to the earnings made through free spins. Slots is the only game type that fully contributes to the playthrough requirements of all promotions at Jackpot Wheel. Players from certain countries can't take advantage of the site's free welcome bonus offer. Some of those are Australia, Brazil, Croatia, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

Win Numerous Free Spins on Jackpot Wheel's Great Games

Quarterback Slots, the site's most popular sports-themed game, is attached to two free spin-awarding promotions – 40 free spins with any kind of a deposit (HIGHFIVE40) and 35 spins with the same conditions (NEXTTIME). Free spins can also be used with six of Jackpot Wheel's most popular slots. A similar offer can also be used on Midnight Racer – 30 spins with any deposit after the code 20YEARS30 is redeemed and 7 Chakras – 23 free spins in exchange for the code BEMYV23 and a deposit of any size. Thirty-two spins are granted to players who can use them on Age of Spartans (20YRHIT1), Frontside Spins (20YRHIT2), Pieces of Eight (20YRHIT3), Code-211 (20YRHIT4), Royal Banquet (20YRHIT5), Purse of the Mummy (20YRHIT6).

Events Delivering Huge Free Prizes and the Site's Deposit-Requiring Offers

Additionally, various prize draws and tournament events will give players the chance to acquire massive free rewards. The "Feel the Love" Valentine's Day-themed Leaderboard challenge can potentially award 20 000 dollars to the best players that have joined the competition. The player that ends up in first place will collect 2500 dollars in actual cash. The runner-up will get his or her hands on 1000 dollars (real money). Contestants who rank in third, fourth, and fifth place will receive 1500, 1000, and 900 dollars in bonuses, respectively. The Twentieth Anniversary prize draw will be a massive event that will continue for ten weeks and deliver half a million dollars in prizes, one of which will be a Ford Mustang and another one - 20 000 dollars in cash to 20 draw winners. Furthermore, participants will get their hands on Amazon vouchers, Apple products, and many other hugely satisfying prizes. Unfortunately, to join this event, players need to deposit at least 50 dollars to get a single ticket, a minuscule amount compared to the draw's huge prizes. The rest of the site's promotions also require a deposit in some form or another. More free spins and match bonuses or a combination of the two can be acquired, but only after an installment is made. Most of the promotions involved in the welcome offer are match bonuses – five in total. Additionally, players can profit from match bonuses for every single day of the week. Members who have chosen Bitcoin as their preferred payment method will also benefit from a special promotion that delivers a three-time payback.